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I am Julia and here to support your well-BE(ING) !




What do I offer?

~~ My Misson ~~

I create a space directly through my heart & womb, where you can discover yourself in a new perspective. As a lawyer I know this busy world. I am here to show you tools to re-member your higher self.

 I believe in "Prevention instead of Healing" & in the "bottom-up" approach.

The bottom-up approach: if we wanna change our behavior & mindset, first we need to integreate our old ones. In this transformation we start wit the body - and the mind follows = bottom-up.


I help female entrepreneurs who suffer from PMS and fatigue to discover the superpowers of their female cycle for themselves and their business within 8 weeks. Period problems are alleviated. Creativity and productivity increased. Energy & well-being increased.

Why do I offer this?

~~ My Vision ~~

"I truly believe in an interconnected life from the inside out  - which means bringing body, mind and spirit into harmony to surrender to the flow of life in the most sustainable, nourishing & relaxed way possible.
Self-connection is the foundation of every inter-connection with others. It is the basement of all creation, all power.

I also believe that prevention is the best healing and we are all self- responsible for our own health & well-being.  WE can only give & do sustainably, if we are fully charged.

In this world most is on a scale of two polarities or extremes: in Yogic tradition we find ways to harmonies the extremes (like ego-selflessness, day-night)  into balance = Hatha Yoga.

I am here to support you with my own experiences, wisdom and knowledge on this journey of self-discovery. I want to be an inspiration for inner harmony, which is created in our heart. So that you balance on the waves of life in the best possible way."


I help female entrepreneurs who suffer from PMS and fatigue to discover the superpowers of their female cycle for themselves and their business within 8 weeks. Period problems are alleviated. Creativity and productivity improved. Energy & well-being increased.


Embodiment |  BodyWork |  BreathWork | Meditation | SensualExperience | Somatic

Through simple & cycle-based yoga and breathing techniques, the nervous system is optimally supported in every phase. 

Old beliefs are somatically transported out of the body, and not just "thought away" in the head.  Because our body has always existed before our brain = bottom up approach.


Nutrition Facts |   Nutrients | Hormonal Wisdom

You feel what you give your body for nutrients. Many nutrition myths circulate on the internet - what is supposedly healthy..

Food is healing or can cause dis-EASE.

I train you to choose your Nutrition wisely & easily - with loots of PLEASURE & soul FOOD.


Projectmanagement Tools | Communication | Structure

Every human can do Anything - I am convinced..

I also believe & experience that in different phases, different tasks are more easy & flowy to do.

Why not integrate the inner superpowers with our external tasks?


I am convinced, that we women are not supposed to suffer every month. that we are not supposed to be take pain killers or are not able to be aleader, bc of your period every month . I also don´t believe that hormonal contraception, which just surpress our natural flow - are a sustainable solution.

I know, I believe & I embody since years the approach of a cylce-aware LIFE , Relationship & Business Approach.

3 Years ago I took pain killers on a regular basis on my bleeding days. My skin was full of acne. I hated to bleed.. It felt like a burden. I was annoyed. I had the feeling, it stops me from being productive and pulling me apart from social life.

Today, well - I feel like a Goddess. When I bleed & when I ovulate, and mostly during all phases in between.

I re-memberd my superpowers, who are gifted to us - women.

And I want YOU - to feel the same ease. The same selfLOVE. The same Self-Compassion. 

I want you To Create in EASE. With PLEASURE.


I want you to LEAD with Compassion, Structure & Fairness.

I Want you to PUSH - and allow you to Rest. 

Because ONLY the integration of BOTH qualities can lead to a sustainable, healthy & fullfilling 

Let´s go this journey together - > write me

Private 1:1 Class

As GROUP or PRIVATE Training

Cyclic Yoga & Nutrition

6 Classes x 75 min

Ideal support you in every phase of your cycle, to increase fertility or going through peri/menopause. In the first session you receive knowledge about your cycle and how to support it trough nutrition. 


During the next 4 sessions we practice Yoga based on your personal cycle & needs. If our hormones are out of balance, cycle complaints can occur. This includes PMS, bleeding that is too heavy or too light, cramps during ovulation or menstruation, nausea, breast tension, food cravings, mood swings, etc.


Yoga can help to harmonise our hormones to increase our well-being. Food is medicine and information about it is power.

Hatha - Yoga

Yoga for every age

7 Classes x 75 min

A 7-week group or individual course for all Yoga Beginner and Re-starter. You will learn the basic principles & the foundation of a wholesome Hatha Yoga practice. That includes alignment, breathing techniques and meditation, as well as the right mindset & selected topics of the abundant philosophy of Yoga.

Let´s start your individual Yoga journey to make your everyday life easier, more carefree and more powerful.

7  Classes x 60 min

A 7-week group or individual course for everyone who want to mobilize their joints, elongate their spine, calm their mind, strenghten their muscles and bones as well as train their mind and enjoy company in a group.


There is the possibility to practice with a chair, which supports our security and balance.

Welcome EVERYBODY 50+, 60+, 70+, 80+,90+ .

"When I understand myself I understand you and out of that understanding comes love"

Sri Krishnamurthi


I offer these yoga types:

Yin Yoga

Slow-paced Style

Deep fascial stretch & relaxation. Holding the Asana for a longer time (1-5min) . Yin Yoga is a perfect complement to the muscular & dynamic styles of (yang) yoga.


Perfect to release tension & enhance recovery.

Hatha Yoga

Active Style

 To unite and balance our both energies Ha (Sun) & Tha (Moon) through Pranayama, (Breathing), Asana (Posture) and Drishti (Gaze). Practiced more slowly and with more static postures to enhance flexibility and build strength. 


Perfect for beginners or individual needs.

ich yoni & herz backround erased (1).png

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Dynamic Style

Connecting the breath to the movement and flowing through various positions & transitions.

Perfect to challenge your body, mind & soul, build stamina & strength to bring your yoga practice to the next level.

Cyclic Yoga & Nutrition

Individual Style

With ancient cyclic & moon  wisdom I support you in every phase of your inner cycle to practice yoga in a costumised & balanced way.

Trough specific nutrients & food knowledge the mood can increase, pain can decrease and digestion/metabolism can fasten up.

Perfect for women who wants to follow and celebrate their individuality, as well as support their body in each cyclic phase.


Yoga for every age


Gentle Style

I support you for healthy aging. A balance of stretching and activation exercises we gain control over our muscles and train the coordination and balance.


There is also a possibility to use a chair for a safe yoga practice.

1 : 1 Yoga practice with me - Privat Yoga Vienna

Privat Yoga in Vienna or online

based on your needs & wishes

starts by 75 min | 66 €

Celebrate your Event with a wholesome Yogasession

Birthday, Bridal Shower or Business Event

Birthday Yoga

Costumer - Feedback

Hallo liebe Julia!


Es war heute wieder eine ganz besondere Stunde mit dir. Bei dir darf alles fließen und jeder kann sein wie er ist. Ich bin so dankbar, einen so wunderbaren Menschen, mit so viel positiven vibs kennenlernen darf, dass ich mich schon immer auf den nächsten Dienstag freue mit dir. Bitte behalte dir dein unerschütterliches Wesen. Danke für alles 😘

A.F. Baeder

If you have any questions, requests or wanna work with me:

contact me at any time  :)


Working With the Best 

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